Nuts! is a game that’s been on my radar for a long time. My friend Paul introduced me to it about 10 years ago, but I’ve never really played it. I decided I’d pick up the 4th edition rulebook and see how it performs for a bit of solo play. Here’s a brief report from a really brief game (in fact, it probably took longer to write the report than to play the game). This game is a continuation of this one

18th September 1944, on the perimeter of LZ ‘S’, just north of Wolfheze. Having just repulsed a German attack, and with most of their platoon dug in to the rear, a section of British paratroopers are sent forward to blow a culvert near the cross-section of the roads in an attempt to limit vehicle movement. The Bren team have detached to offer fire support as the rest of the section move forward cautiously. Just as they approach the junction a full platoon of Panzergrenadiers appear in the opposite field, obviously having regrouped quickly for another attack. Accurate MG42 fire kills the lead paratrooper and injures another. Most of the British section duck back to cover, either behind the burning Panzer IV or at the edge of the field. However, Sgt. Stan Mitchell dashes towards the injured man and slings him across his shoulders. The Bren opens up, covering him as he hurries back out of sight through a nearby hedge. The German LMG team are taken out by the accurate Bren fire, causing several of their comrades to fall back. Mortars zeroed in on the crossroads cover the paratroopers’ retreat. The Bren team pack up quickly, as Stan and his section move rapidly back towards their lines. Time to prepare for another German attack.

Well… this solo game didn’t go to plan! A full platoon of Panzergrenadiers appearing from a PEF (Possible Enemy Force) right beside the crossroads really put a halt on the attempt to demolish the nearby culvert.

I think I’ll take the current force positions as the start point for a larger scale game, using the Battlegroup rules, although the Germans are in a slightly odd place – I might need to rethink that. There are a couple of dug in sections, a 6 pdr and some spotters in place for the British. They’ll have some 3″ mortar and a Vickers HMG as support. The Germans will be bringing more artillery (off table 150mms) and armour – probably some StuG IIIs – to the fight this time, in an attempt to whittle down the defending British.

Until next time,