Last time out my blitzkrieging (yeah, yeah, I know they didn’t call it that) Germans hit a speed bump in this scenario. The French secured the small village and placed their Sumoas to turn the field into a killing ground. As you can see from the main screenshot, it was a killing field again…

My plan this time out was to use my Pak36s to attempt to pin any tanks blocking my advance through the field while trying to get my tanks close enough to knock them out. Things didn’t go smoothly and despite having 50pts more than the French (well, not quite, the French had a free gun), it was a very close run thing with me drawing chits for 42 of my 43 battle rating!


  • A timed bombardment by the French knocking out a halftrack and a PzrIII.
  • Steve’s early game dice for shooting were on fire!
  • Thankfully his reserves dice rolls were terrible, really hampering his force deployment.
  • Three German aircraft attacking the French (I had a timed Stuka and drew two aircraft chits).
  • My infantry, mounted in their Hanomags, were able to get into the French backfield and interfere with their plans.
  • Pinning, lots of pinning shots from my Pak36s.
  • A cautious endgame as we both knew how close things were.
  • A super tight game with very little between the forces at the end!

Until next time,