Spiznik luved schemin’, plottin’ ‘n makin’ planz. He has had Grimwaagh’s ear since da Dark Boyz smashed into this oomie world. Spiznik grabbed da big banna from the wreckage of their burnin’ ship and is seen as a hero by da Boyz. Every time Grimwaagh decides to bring the Boyz into battle, which is often, it’s usually with a nudge from Spiznik. If the oomies are gettin’ too close, it’s Spiznik who notices and sends some green-skinned death their way. He can’t get Grimwaagh to follow ‘orders’ all of the time (he has to let the Kaptain think he’s da boss some of the time!), but he can usually get them to take care of the biggest threats. Since the crash Spiznik has made sure Grimwaagh’s Dark Boyz have carved out their own territory, but he has planz… lots more planz.

I’ve always been a big fan of the Orks, though the idea of painting a large army of them is daunting… too daunting. Thankfully Kill Team has allowed me to get my Ork fix, without painting a ton of models. Here are my Freebooterz models, cheesily led by a Grot, but I wrote a bit of background to justify it, so that’s okay!

‘Spiznik da Planna’ is the Grot in the middle with the banner holding his Shoota aloft in ‘insparayshun’. Grimwaagh is the stogy smoking Kaptain in the purple hat.

Here are the rest of the models – lots of Grotz and a couple of other fun models! The Warboss is a bit of muscle, but he’s not generally the leader of the crew. The Meganob is also a bit of fun. I love the idea of him trudging forward with his flamer blazing until he closes to crush his enemies with his klaw.

I’ve been having great fun with this guys and will look for opportunities to add the odd (aren’t they all odd!) Ork here and there.

Until next time,