This is the third game in our campaign and it’s fair to say the Space Marines have had the upper hand until now (spoiler alert: that doesn’t change in this game!). The mission was try to seize more objectives than the opponent. The Eldar started with two formations in hidden deployment in the middle third of the board, only being revealed when they did something or when the Space Marines got close. The Space Marines were arriving from the left short edge and the remaining Eldar from the right.

Things didn’t go well for the Eldar and that was down to several mistakes and some bad deployment rolls. I pushed my objectives too close to where the Marines would arrive and compounded this by placing one of my hidden formations on one of them. This left that unit exposed and as my deployment dice were poor they were quickly overrun. This was the story of the game. The Marines were able to focus on the Eldar formations taking out the force piece by piece (and really it needs to be the other way around for the Eldar to have a chance at dislodging them).

The next game is closer to a straight fight (or at least all of the Eldar will start on the board!), so I’m hoping I can get my head around how they should work.

Until next time,