Wargames can be used to tell stories. Colin and I have been evolving the history of Ur’veil over a series of games, mostly using Kill Team, but recently also some small games of Warhammer 40,000. Sometimes the stories emerge through the games… sometimes they’re imposed on the games. This game was a little of both.

Colin has stepped back to T’au, so that allowed us to expand on the story arc from before they left the planet. In this game, the T’au are trying to secure the extraction of a buried ancient artefact as the evacuation of Ur’veil proceeds in the background. The Deathwatch have seen this concentrated activity and have been dispatched to prevent whatever the T’au are trying to achieve.

For the game, we randomly selected Mission 2 from the London Wargaming Guild’s Combat Patrol Pack, which was designed with 500pt games in mind. Objectives are scored at the end of each Battle Round.

Turn 1

The T’au won the starting roll-off and elected to go first. They put quite a bit of hurt into my Veterans: the Terminator absorbed some of the shots, but they managed to kill him and three others.

In response the Frag Cannon and his chaperones ran forward and took out most of the Fire Warriors on an objective. The Intercessor finished them off. Between a super-Smite from my Librarian and some good shooting from the Primaris Watch Captain, I put 10 damage on the Hammerhead.

Turn 2

Th T’au hit back, killing most of the Veterans, but crucially leaving the Frag Cannoneer alive. Some damage was also put on the Librarian, but he survived on 1 wound.

Mr. Frag killed off two drones attempting to hold the objective and secured it himself. The remaining Fire Warriors was wiped out with the Intercessors and the new ‘Rapid Fire’ Deathwatch Stratagem. The Librarian put a couple of wounds onto the other Hammerhead. Things were looking very grim for the T’au and the Deathwatch were well ahead in VPs (5:0).

Turn 3

The Hammerhead exacted revenge on the Librarian and the Intercessors nearly shot and meleed it off the board! The game ended there 8:0 to the Deathwatch.


We’ll play a couple more games in this mini-campaign, but it’s safe to say that things aren’t going well for the T’au and their plans to extract this buried artefact may not go to plan.

Until next time,