The previous battle was won with a last ditch charge orchestrated by a Panzer Lehr Leutnant to avoid being encircled by the Americans. I’ve been meaning to give Nuts! a go for a long time, so it seemed like a natural opportunity to tell a small story using this unique ruleset.

The premise is simple: Leutnant Lippert has been seriously injured in the assault that pushed the Americans back. Obgf Haas has kept an understrength section with the injured Lippert while the rest fall back to Saint-Gilles and send a medic forward. This game sees the Americans pushing along the road towards the Germans and their injured commnder.


I used the Nuts! Unit Generator to quickly make up an American squad and an under strength German section.

Here’s the initial setup. The Rep of the individual models is marked on them and each turn’s Activation dice (Green: Americans; Grey: Germans) are shown in the middle.

Turn 1

Cpl Price moves up to look around the hedge, but comes under fire from an MG42. It misses, but he ducks back.

Diaz moves around the hedge, but is put out of action by Herrmann’s fast reactions. An American trooper fires at Herrmann, missing. Herrmann steadies his aim and puts a second American out of action.

Turn 2

Soldiers from Diaz’s team recover him and the other wounded soldier, although one of the team is shaken and seeks cover behind the burning Sherman.

Price’s team moves quickly over the hedge and through the back garden.
Obgf Haas, realising the danger instructs Ludwiger to take the injured Leutnant to the rear. Moving him is risky, but with the Americans coming forward they can’t stay in place much longer. Haas moves to the hedgerow to get a better view of some of the road and the buildings opposite.

Turn 3

The previously shaken trooper tends to the wounded. The Americans push forward both along the road and behind the houses. Haas glimpses Price and managed to snap off a shot, killing the American Corporal. Price’s team duck back.

Turn 4

Seeing the opportunity, Haas calls to the other team to fall back and they all move back towards the centre of Saint-Gilles.

Maybe Haas was a little hasty sending Lippert off over the shoulder of Ludwiger, but he didn’t know the strength of the American force coming along the road. He really couldn’t risk the Americans assaulting his position with the injured Lippert there.

The game played relatively quickly; less than an hour and half of that was me consulting the rules. It also told a natural story, which was pretty cool. I didn’t have any Star characters, so Price probably died a lot more ignominiously than might be expected.

After Steve and I play the Battlegroup game in this series, I’ll see if there is another Nuts!-worthy story that emerges!

Until next time,