I’ve had this army years. This is probably its second revamp. I painted them when I was a kid and I’ve tried not to mess with the paint job too much. It’s a nostalgia thing. I rebased the army about 10 years ago, but I never flocked the bases. That’s what I did tonight while chatting with Phil. Phil and I have been knocking some great fun out of Epic recently, so that spurred me on to relook at these. I have a load of Rhinos to transport them and Land Raiders and Whirlwinds to support them.

The basing is simple, some 2mm Spring flock applied with PVA glue and some small bits of clump foliage applied with super glue to act as bushes.

Few games look as good as Epic on the tabletop. I hope I get to field these soon. Now on to finishing off the bases of the Epic Eldar.

Until next time,