The sour wind from the plains whipped around her where she perched. Corone had not moved in three days. She could see the blinding light through her closed eyes. Her muscles ached and the blistering on her lips was beginning to itch. Her beak covered them from the searing sun, but that wind had no moisture in it. Corone tried to block her physical discomfort from her mind. The Hooded Crows expected every new leader to return from this perch with a vision that would guide their next Gathering. She could feel the sharp eyes of every member of the murder on her. Cornix had brought them a vision that led them on a path to the armoured Sigmarites and the former leader’s doom. Corone screwed her eyes closed even tighter, blotting out almost all of he glare and trying to blot out her thoughts. 

Rafal and I have started a new campaign. The Stormcast proved too tough, certainly to face in every campaign game, so Rafal kindly decided to try the Niaghthaunts. We’ve kicked off a new campaign, but I haven’t figured out what Quest my Corvus Cabal will be undertaking. Hence the bit of fiction above!

Game 1: Ebb and Flow

This game could have been quite balanced were it not for the deployment. One warband started wit their Shield and Dagger, their Hammer arriving on round 2; the other only started with their Shield and the others arriving in rounds 2 and 3. In a three round game, that meant whoever won the deployment roll off had a significant advantage. I won and Rafal ended up as the defender.

My numbers and mobility led to an easy victory. I also killed two thirds of his warband, which is a big change having fought the Sigmarites!

Game 2: Steal the Prize

The card strike again. This was another very imbalanced mission. With essentially a corners deployment it basically came down to whoever was attacker and defender. I won the roll and opted to be the one defending. This meant I could put maximum distance between my model holding the treasure, Corone (my leader), and Rafal’s warband. I spent most of this game trying to engage to stall and then disengage to stop my warband taking casualties. It worked.


The two games netted me 13 Glory Points, an Ur-gold Sigil and both Corone and the Spire Stalker gained favour, two in the case of the latter. Here’s my current Roster:

I’ll flick through the available Quests to see what makes sense for Corone and the Hooded Crows.

Until next time,