Following the last campaign moves the Blood Angels looked to be in a very strong position to win. As it’s our campaign, and narrative is king, we decided to change things up a bit and offer a chance for the Cultists to complicate things for the Imperial forces. We decided to kick off a two-game mini-campaign for Kill Team, with the Genestealer Cultists attempting a disrupt the supplies flowing to the Imperial forces. Game one represented the GSC trying to Stow Away (one of the Sector Munitorum missions) in cargo containers to gain access to a supply facility. We switched roles, I took control of the GSC and Phil is using Deathwatch. Here are some pictures from the game:

Things started off well enough for the GSC, with a Veteran Genestealer getting in amongst the Deathwatch. Unfortunately, that was their high water mark and the Deathwatch exerted control over the situation. Three models from the GSC, B’athlem the Magus, a Genestealer and a Neophyte with a Flamer managed to stow away, but the rest of the team were either killed or shaken. This was a decisive win for the Deathwatch.

B’athlem sat in almost silence. The container was damp inside and smelled slightly of machine oil, obviously from something shipped in it recently. He knew almost his full infiltration team had died, but that is what they were there for. The distraction they caused had allowed him to complete his mission. He could hear the heavy breathing of his companion, a loyal servant who had survived with him and occupied this container too. He wasn’t sure if any others had managed to stow away and he was reluctant to reach out with his mind to check. The Imperium often used Psykers and he didn’t want to reveal their infiltration. The containers in this facility were due to be shipped to his target soon. They just had to wait.

We’re adding a new territory to the campaign map to represent the Sector Munitorum supply facility. Had the GSC been successful in this mission they would have disrupted travel to and from that location, making the travel difficulty higher. As it stands the GSC plan to blow the facility up – we’ll use the Sector Munitorum Extreme Measure mission for our next game.

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