Dan and I managed to play a couple of games earlier this week and this time out we used some Missions from the Nova Open Kill Team pack. This was designed for competitive play and adds additional player-chosen Secondary Objectives. These appear to be the same as the Arena Objectives in the new Kill Team competitive play box. Combined with the Mission objectives there are now a variety of ways to score, some of which you only reveal to your opponent when you start to score them. This is all very reminiscent to the Strategy/Scheme balance in Malifaux’s Gaining Grounds competitive play packs.

Game 1: Vital Supplies

I went with ‘Cut Apart’, ‘Engage on All Fronts’ and the mission specific ‘Mission Critical Supplies’ as my secondary objectives. Dan went with the same, but had ‘Called Shot’ instead of ‘Cut Apart’. I painted a few more pieces for the Sector Munitorum and I think this Kill Zone is starting to look great!

This turned out to be an excellent scrap, but my firepower proved decisive and I was pretty happy with the Primaris Chaplain, who I was running for the first time. He managed to kill at least two of the enemy. The game ended 15:9 to me.

Game 2: Pivotal Point

Game 2 did not go so well…

Dan made great use of the grey container in the middle of the board to limit a lot of my shooting. I made a mistake by going for the left-hand objective, making the container even more important. I was hunting for Dan’s leader because of ‘Cut Off the Head’, who was over to the right. He absorbed an insane amount of fire! The game ended 14:6 to Dan.

I like the Arena/Nova format and I look forward to playing more games in the future.

Until next time,