Colin dropped over on Friday night with his newly painted T’au and we played a couple of games of Kill Team. These were Colin’s first games of KT… but I didn’t go easy on him!

Game 1: Sweep and Clear

Here are some photos from that game. The Genestealers swarmed forwards, but the T’au held their own. An epic moment occurred when Ni’loc, the leader of the T’au, used Uplink Markerlight to saturate a Genestealer with markerlights, making it an easy target. A Fire Warrior beating an Acolyte in close combat was also something to behold. However, despite their moments of greatness the T’au couldn’t resist the tide of cultists and they broke.

Game 2: Terror Tactics

Another fun game, this time the Stealth Suits were a little cagier, but the result was still the same. The sneaky cultists swarmed the T’au and again Colin was unlucky with his Break Test.

Thankfully Colin enjoyed the games, as did I, and we have plans for a mini-campaign building from these. The Cultists are on the offensive as they need to move their Patriarch before the T’au completely take over the planet now known as Ur’veil.

Until next time,