Dan and I got a couple more games played in our campaign. Dan was trying a new commander, this time bringing the Foul Blightspawn armed with a Plague Spitter – yuck! Game one was A Meeting of Fates. Victory would go to whoever could take out the other Commander (and have their Kill Team remain unbroken!). I’d be gunning for the Blightspawn.

Game 1

This game went to plan, except the Blightspawn didn’t die! An opening salve from the Infernus Heavy Bolter saw him dropped to one wound. Things didn’t go to plan from there – despite lots of followup fire and a charge from my Commander (who forgot how to wield his Power Sword in this game and the next!), Dan’s commander survived the game on 1 Flesh Wound.

Game 2

This game didn’t go well… my wounding rolls weren’t translating to kills and Dan was able to both spray me and get into melee. The mission was Hold the Line. I failed miserably and only my Commander survived the game!

Dan is slightly ahead in the campaign, but there is still lots to play for. I love how tightly matched these Kill Teams are. The Deathwatch Special Issue Ammunition allows them to compete with the tough Death Guard.

The Death Guard have started to harvest the blood of the Deathwatch… and they want more.

Until next time,