The middle square of the Hobby Bingo card can only be claimed if all of the models in your army are based. Models aren’t finished until they are based in my opinion, but I didn’t want to claim this square until I had tackled the bases of the fifty or so Tyranids I’ve painted in the last few weeks. Yesterday I had a few hours on my hands and that’s just what I did…

Nothing too fancy: I blacked out the edges, applied builders sand, added some Vallejo pumice, washed them with a watered down Army Painter Dark Tone and then added some bright green acid pools. A unit of Tyranid Warriors are even on scenic bases, so I’ve claimed that square too! There were some constraints on the basing: I needed to match the style of basing used on my Genestealers as they’ll be incorporated into this army at times and I wanted them to be compatible with my Genestealer Cults too.

I’ve another 15 or so models to go and then the Tyranids are complete. I’m enjoying painting the bugs – it’s very therapeutic!

Until next time,