This guy was a Christmas gift from Phil and I really enjoyed painting him. I painted him at the same time as a unit of 6 Inceptors, so he really took very little additional time. I sprayed him Mephiston Red, but the colour came out a little dull – it could be the humidity at this time of year, so I gave the model a couple of thin coats of the same colour before I got stuck in. Here’s my Blood Angels recipe:

  • Red spray as an undercoat
  • Codex Grey for the tubing between the armour
  • Earth Brown on the areas that will be gold, scrolls, hair or flesh
  • Gun Metal on the gun parts and other details
  • Wash the model with a light wash (Army Painter Strong mixed 50:50 with water)
  • Paint any areas that will be black
  • Touch up any of the flat red areas with Mephiston Red
  • Apply an orange edge highlight (I only do the upper most areas on trooper models; more on characters)
  • Highlight the black areas with a grey
  • Paint and highlight flesh and hair
  • Paint and highlight the scrolls, cloths, etc.
  • Paint the gold areas (usually with a light gold) and they washed with a diluted brown ink
  • Highlight metal areas with a silver
  • Paint any remaining details, e.g. purity seals, gems, etc.

Okay – there were a lot more steps there than I thought. It’s not too bad when you’re painting several models at once.

Phil and I are planning a campaign based on Vigilus (played through VASSAL), so I expect this guy to see the virtual tabletop soon!

Until next time,