This is the seventh game of the campaign and this time we played one of the narrative play missions from the Sector Munitorum boxed set. The mission was called Stowaway and in it Phil’s Genestealer Cult needed to sneak into Munitorum containers. My models started as sentries and couldn’t react or move on the first turn. In order to enter a container Phil’s models needed to be close to it at the start of a round, do nothing for the whole round and there couldn’t be any of my models within 4″. Each container could only be entered once. He’d score one VP per stowaway and I’d get 1 VP per kill.

Phil’s cult ambush moves were particularly successful and he was able to get three models near containers and get them stowed away at the end of the first round. Things became messier as he charged models to engage some of my force while trying to position other models to stowaway. 

In the third round things were 4:4 with only one Ultramarine and one Genestealer left alive/on the board. Phil could have run and then hoped I couldn’t get within 4″ of the ‘stealer by the next turn, but that didn’t seem like much of a plan. He decided to charge, but the flesh-wounded Genestealer was unlucky and one of my overwatch bolts struck home, taking it out. 

This close game ended 5:4. Phil chose this scenario to attack my Morale, which was down at 4. Losing would have taken 2 off of that! Thankfully a win meant it wasn’t impacted and my Materiel increased to 9.

Until next time,