I’m not sure if you played the childhood game of ‘Bulldog’ (seemingly also know as ‘British Bulldog‘). Basically one team formed a line with hands linked and challenged a runner from the other team to breakthrough. That’s what the Terror Tactics mission in Kill Team is like. 

My Deathwatch team lined up and the Genestealer Cult ran at them. This was a fun and tight game, I managed to take out 6 of Phil’s 9 team members, netting me 6 VPs, but he managed to get 3 off and kill 2 of my team, scoring 8 VPs for him.

There were some great moments in the game. I enjoyed seeing my Frag Cannon and Infernus Heavy Bolter opening up on a cluster of acolytes and neophytes, causing carnage. Watching Phil’s leader charge into my line to force me to kill him was also pretty noteworthy. He didn’t have enough distance to go for an advance off the board, so he decided to charge one of my models. This was because I had a model trying to make a 2 VP run off of his board edge, so the sooner Phil could cause the game to end the better as he had already netted his VPs.

It was a fun game, but things are starting to look a little dicey for me in the campaign! My Morale is down to 4, so it won’t take too much more to finish it off. Phil’s Materiel is down to 5, so I’ll need to attack it next.

Until next time,