The gunship’s engines screamed as the Administratum sector of Benus Majoris came into view. The enemy had not set foot in this area yet, but even at this altitude the devastation wrought by weeks of bombardments was clear to see. From orbit the line of conflict scaring the planet was a deep grey-black wall of smoke signifying the advance across its surface. Up close, things were becoming sharper – the detail of the destruction, the Imperium’s facilities in ruin,  was clear to behold. The planet’s air started to filter through the scrubbers. It carried the scent of war, a scant few parts per million, but Amareus could taste it. Blood. He turned to survey his brothers and it was clear from the look of predation that showed on their angelic faces that they could taste it too.

Sergeant Amareus retook his seat with his squad and the restraints automatically closed around his armour. He was the image of his father, their father. All Blood Angels shared in Sanguinus’ perfection – his grace, his artistry, his elevated mind… his doubt. Amareus wondered if doubt was as much a part of their heritage as their perfection. Was it necessary to sustain that perfection. He and his brothers had first seen action in the defence of Baal, arriving to fend off the last of the Tyranid horde and instigating some of the repairs. Amareus would live far longer than an unaltered human, but he doubted he’d see even a fraction of those repairs completed. Their home world, it still seemed strange to think of it as such, had been thoroughly devastated. Doubt… did all of his brothers share it or just Primaris like him. They were new, refined, different. Benus Majoris would be their first chance to prove themselves beyond the guiding hand of their more ancient brothers.

The tenor of the engines shifted… they would be on the surface in minutes.

I’ll be using an all Primaris force of Blood Angels in this two-game campaign. The first game (using 100pt Kill Team forces) will see Sergeant Amareus’ squad of Intercessors attempt to seize key intelligence from Administratum buildings. Lead scouting elements of the Death Guard force will oppose them as they attempt to secure more ground ahead of their advancing armies.

Again the random generators are useful for developing the character of the force:

  • Scouting Mission: These battle-brothers must slip deep behind enemy lines and banish the shadows of ignorance with the Emperor’s inescapable light.
  • Infiltration Specialists: These warriors slip through the enemy lines like a dagger through the ribs.
  • Fresh Meat: Fresh from their first drop and ready to serve the Emperor, how will these Primaris perform? (Modified from the Astra Militarum Background generator)

I need to figure out specifically which mission we’ll play in Kill Team, but I’m leaning towards ‘Recover Intelligence’ – it’s a nicely mission that forces movement and strategic decisions to be made. I need to think about the 40k mission and the benefit, if any, winning the Kill Team game will to the victor…

Until next time,