This was myself and Gav’s first game of Season 4 and from our perspective the changes were mostly just streamlining the game. We didn’t play with the Game Plan cards (as we don’t have them yet), but other than that we played using the Season 4 rules. I prefer the AoE and ball placement rules – placing a template centred over the end of a measured distance was a little clunky in such a precise game. 

I (using the Union) kicked using Mist and his superb mobility allowed me to mess up the Farmer’s plan with the ball. The result was much of the game was played in their half as they scrambled to deal with my pretty kill team. I missed a goal shot with Mist, but from then on things went my way. Blackheart was a powerhouse, but all of the players did their part. I managed 4 take downs and a Decimate goal to the Farmer’s single mascot take down. The tweets below give a reasonably good overview of the game. 

As always Guild Ball offered a challenging and fun gaming experience. It is a game I thoroughly enjoy.

Until next time,