This is the final game in our short 3-game campaign… this time out things went considerably better for the Adeptus Mechanicus. The scenario suited their sit back and shoot style. I knew they could shoot, but I should have stayed out of LoS and try to counter attack as they came forward. I also should have used deep strike to get my Terminator Warlord into their backfield. This would have led to him dying, but he would have disrupted them.


It turned out to be a mostly one way affair! Here are some highlights:

  • The stunning firepower of the Destroyers and Robots. Units of Intercessors and Hellblasters (in cover) just disappeared when they were shot at!
  • Belasarius Cawl certainly was a factor – allowing rerolls and helping get appropriate canticles in play.
  • My Lascannon festooned Predator did an impressive amount of damage to an Onager Dunecrawler, before the Dunecrawler took it out in one round of shooting!
  • My Redemptor Dreadnaught faired slightly better, taking out a Dunecrawler over a few turns of shooting on to die ignominiously at the hands of Sydonian Dragoon (after I charged it!).
  • Most of my force hiding like cowards behind some trees!
  • I called the game at the end of turn 3… if my troops moved forward they were going to die… quickly!
  • Also, worth repeating, those damn robots!

Next time I’ll ensure I have some options to get into the Adeptus Mechanicus line. Left unchecked their shooting is formidable… Kataphron Destroyers in particular were nasty as when they hit models with a 3+ save their damage becomes D3. This kills Primaris marines very quickly!

Until next time,