Location: Canterlot to Foal Mountains

Occassion: An adventure into the mountains to retrieve an unknown object!

Situation(s): Unbeknownst to Strong Star (Ciarán) and Harmony Dream (Aoibhinn) their adventures in Canterlot had been observed by a mysterious stranger. At breakfast the following day they were approached by the hooded elderly pony and she had a proposition for them. She showed them a magic map that revealed where they were and would guide their way on the adventure she wanted them to undertake. She wanted them to retrieve something from the Foal Mountains she had left there many years ago, but she said she was too old to go and get herself. They agreed to do this and she promised to pay them for their time… and to pay for their breakfast, which she did before disappearing from sight. They had the magic map to help guide them.

Strong Star and Harmony Dream believed they had all of the supplies they needed and set out in an easterly direction towards the Foal Mountains, but it was already late morning. Soon they were walking through a forest of large trees that blotted out the midday sun, making it a gloomy place to travel. They heard crunches of twigs nearby and the low growl of something menacing. A Diamond Dog approached seeking to rob them of any precious stones or jewellery they had. Strong Star realised Harmony Dream was wearing a necklace and stepped quickly in front of her, blocking the Diamond Dog’s view to her. She used her Telekinesis power to magic the necklace into her saddlebag. The Diamond Dog insisted on searching their saddlebags and when Harmony refused a scuffle broke out. Star and Harmony managed to see off the Dog after a joint effort. Night began to fall and they decided to set up camp in the forest. With a little ingenuity they managed to make a fire from twigs and moss, Harmony having the knowledge of what to do and Strong Star having the physical skills to do it.

They continued on their way and were soon they were confronted by a large river. Strong Star decided to knock a tree to make a bridge, but it didn’t fall straight. Harmony Dream attempted to use Telekinesis to steer its fall, but that didn’t work as the tree was too heavy. Strong Star used his head… literally… to butt the tree over a little, securing it at the far end. As they crossed Harmony nearly fell in, but Strong Star caught her. Soon they came to a fork in their path and weren’t sure which way to go, as the mountains weren’t in view. Harmony sought the help of a reluctant Mohawk (who turned out to be called Darren!) and he pointed the way after a little convincing/feeding.

A cliff blocked their path, but Strong Star expertly climbed it and dropped a rope to Harmony Dream. She initially fell, but then shimmied up the rope with ease. The path climbed and climbed into the mountains and it began to snow. They put on their raincoats (Pink for Harmony and Blue for Star… how stereotypical!). Soon their path brought them to a cave entrance and boldly they entered, but soon realised they couldn‘t see. Thankfully Harmony had remembered to bring some twigs and moss from their campfire and they made a torch to guide their way. As they made their way through the dark cave they saw glittering pinks and blues. They realised they were looking at little shiny bits in the rock face that was reflecting their raincoats, but they didn’t recognise the significance of this strange surface and kept on going. They soon reached a dead end and made their way back, spending more time examining the shiny bits in the surface this time. Now they saw it was a secret doorway and together they pushed it open, revealing a small wooden box sitting up on a rock plinth. They took the box and suddenly a large (Indiana Jones-esque) boulder began to tumble towards them. Harmony stumbled, but Strong Star carried her as he ran. They just made it out of the cave before they boulder caught them. As night was falling they decided to camp in the cave entrance. It was a cold night as they had run out of fire-making supplies and there were none nearby. They slept poorly and this did little to recover their stamina.

The following day they made their way back along the narrow mountain path, hemmed in on either side by tall rock walls. The Diamond Dog must have followed their tracks and confronted them, but this time he wasn’t alone… he had two friends with him! Knowing they were in no state to fight the dogs they decided to use their heads. Harmony used Telekinesis to float rocks in front of Strong Star, who hoofed them towards the dogs. Harmony began flinging them at the dogs and they soon fled. All of this excitement caused a small avalanche, which they fled from, again Strong Star carrying Harmony Dream (Aoibhinn rolls 1s a lot!).

The remainder of their journey was uneventful and they arrived back to Canterlot safely, albeit quite tired. The mysterious pony reappeared beside them and they gave the box (decorated with suns and moons) to her. She thanked them and disappeared in a puff! Where she had stood was a small bag containing 200 bits. They were also left with the magic map.

They returned to Four Season’s (Aoife’s pony character) house for the night.