Graham and I had the chance to play a small game of 40k tonight and as a game it’s still proving to be a ton of fun. My Blood Angels led by a Thunder Hammer-armed Terminator with the Black Rage took on his Space Sharks, led by a Lightning Claw-armed Terminator. Here’s my force:


Total Models: 18

Total PL: 49

CPs: 4 (Army + Vanguard)


Captain in Terminator Armour × 1 [PL: 7]


Intercessor Squad × 5 [PL: 5]

– Intercessor × 4

– Intercessor Sergeant × 1


Terminator Squad × 5 [PL: 12]

– Terminator × 4

– Terminator Sergeant × 1

Terminator Squad × 5 [PL: 12]

– Terminator × 4

– Terminator Sergeant × 1

Primaris Ancient × 1 [PL: 5]


Baal Predator × 1 [PL: 8]

Graham had Tyberos the Red Wake, a Tactical Squad, a Catapractii Terminator squad and a Leviathan Dreadnought (coming to 47Pwr and 3 CPs). We played using the Retrieval Mission with each objective worth 3VPs and the usual points for Linebreaker etc. Here’s the battlefield with our deployment:

The game was a bloodbath with Graham wiping me off of the board on Turn 5. He had two Terminators and the very impressive Leviathan class Dreadnaught left at the end. I barely dented it (4 wounds) with a charge from my Terminators. My Captain failed the charge against it on the turn he arrived and he was my only real hope of taking it down dealing an impressive 4 Damage (thanks to the Artisan of War Warlord trait).

Despite being tabelled it was an excellent game. Time to start adding more Angels to my force!

Until next time,