Gav and I agreed that we’d play to 100 Reputation in this campaign. The game designer recommends 150 as the target for 150 Renown warbands – I can see why. Despite taking losses I was pretty certain I could win the campaign in this game. I came into it on 97 Renown, so if I could plink 3 wounds off of the Gobbos I’d claim the win. I managed that and the game win… Gav set the ambush around the exit, but got impatient and sent some of his models in. I killed the Squig Rider and pinned the Stone Troll in place. Meanwhile the prize (carried by my Dryad kept moving towards the exit). I pushed my Wardancer (who dies 🙁 ) and my leader through the woods and held the Gobbos up. Eventually my Elves overcame them and the game was won.

Open Combat is a fun game. It has enough nuances to keep a gamer interested. I’m already thinking about a Saga side game using these rules…

Until next time,