I finished these guys last night. Definitely not by best work, but they’ll do. The rims on the shields could do with a bit of darkening. This is my first of two units of Bondi – the second unit of Bondi will have predominantly blue shields and I’ll mix the units when I field them.

In Viking Society Bondi were land owners, both rich and poor. They may have had some military training, but were not professional soldiers and would (generally) have had poorer weapons and armour than the Hirdmen. As I’m using the Gripping Beasts Hirdman box to make up most of my Vikings these guys are probably better armoured than they should be. They are all armed with spears, so on the tabletop that’ll be the main way to distinguish them from their professional brethren. I’ve also used some helmetless heads from the GW Knights (White Wolves) box.

Until next time,