I mention the tiebreak game at the start of this video. It was an epic 100pt game between all of the warcasters/warlocks featured in this campaign, but that’s a video for another day. Myself and Phil played the fourth campaign game in the TableTopShop wargames shop in Hamburg. It’s a great shop stocking only wargames stuff and a great diversity of stock it has too.

In this final campaign game we pitted Deneghra against Kromac. Phil had to field Kromac as Kreuger was assassinated in the last game (in the ANNIHILATION rules a warcaster must sit out a game if assassinated), but I could choose between Denny and Gaspy. I went with the Warwitch and I think I played quite well for the most part. Anyway – here’s the video for Game 4 (which was the Close Quarters scenarios) –

I won’t post my final comments yet as I need to edit together the video for the 100pt game, but the campaign was so much fun. I really enjoy playing Phil, though it’s weird to play face-to-face as we get most of our games played over VASSAL!

Until next time,