I’ve been using the D10 chart for a few weeks now and it’s working really well – as in I can roll a D10, or use random.org, and select the appropraie warlock/warcaster from the list! I’ve used Thagrosh1, Lylyth1 and Butcher2 so far.

In my first game with Thagrosh1 I remembered why I enjoyed him so much. I ran lots of Blighted Ogrun with him and managed to get the win by delivering a Carnivean to Kreuger! Beforehand Thagrosh just about survived an assassination run from a Gnarlhorn in what turned out to be a tight game. He’s a tough cookie with Spiny Growth and his -2 STR aura.

Next up I used Lylyth1 and I’m still puzzled as to what she’s good at (if anything). I won this game too, but I’m not sure that Lylyth did anything to help either her beasts or infantry. She’s a super solo that’s not so super! I ran the Succubus for the first time and it was very useful with her (as I’m sure it’ll be with most Legion warlocks).

The game last night saw Butcher2 pitted against Kromac. I won on scenario more because Phil took his eye off it than because of any tactical genius on my part! Neither of those heavy hitters got close to each other, so I didn’t learn much about Butcher2.

I’ll continue with my D10 rolling to see which warlock/warcaster I’ll be using next. There’s something nice about the randonmess of it all.

Until next time,