I will be running a 25 Point Warmachine/Hordes Tournament on Sunday, 13th May in Gamers Hub, Maynooth. Full details are:

What: Steamroller 2012 Tournament
Where: Gamers Hub, Maynooth
Date & Time: 13/05/2012. 11am hard start, registration begins at 10:30 AM.
Entry Fee: €10. There are only 12 places available.
Points: 25 points, one list. List must include two warcasters/warlocks and their battlegroups. Lists must be written out.
Restrictions: Maximum of 3 points may be spent on a single unit/solo/attachment. If a solo is added then that maximum is reduced to 2 points. All other points must be spent on battlegroups. A list may not include two of the same character. Note: Reinforcements will not be used in this tournament.
Timing: Death Clock – 37 minutes per player.
Tie-breakers: For the tournament, if there is no outright winner, Control Points will be tiebreaker. Second tiebreaker will be Army Points.
Scenarios:The scenario for each round will be randomly chosen.

Prizes will include best general, 2nd place and a few spot prizes.

See you all there.