I’m looking forward to game two of this mini campaign. The last game was somewhat of a stalemate with the Germans slowly pushing the American paratroopers back towards Bizory. That game was set on the evening of the 20th December 1944. This game is set at daybreak early on the following day.

This scenario uses the Fighting Winter Battles rules (P.244 of Hardback Rulebook). It should have several forested areas (at least in the defenders deployment area) and some snow drifts/muddy areas with roads running through. Some buildings on the edge of Bizory (along the Bizory-Foy road) should also be included.

This scenario is based on Hasty Assault (P.18 of Das Book) with one additional Mission Special Rule: Dawn Attack (P.7 of Das Book). The American player is automatically the defender.

I’ll play this on Monday and do a Battle Report at some stage during the week.