General Bradley welcomed the idea of a German counterattack as an opportunity to deal a severe blow to their ability to defend their homeland. In December 1944 Hitler launched his last offensive, but it was more than Bradley or anyone else expected. Four German armies converged on the densely wooded Ardennes, which at the time only had four American divisions stationed there. Control of the roads was going to crucial to effectively move through this area. As a significant crossroads, the previously unheard of town of Bastogne became the centre of military and media attention. Eisenhower rushed the under strength XVIII Corp, including the 101st and 82nd to the area.

This scenario is set on the evening of the 20th December 1944 when the Panzer Lehr infantry supported by Panthers clashed with the 501st east of Bastogne between Mont and Bizory. The Germans bombarded the entire length of the 501st line before the assault began at 19:00.


This scenario uses the Fighting Winter Battles rules (P.244 of Hardback Rulebook). It should have several forested areas (at least in the defenders deployment area) and some snow drifts/muddy areas with roads running through.

This scenario is based on No Retreat (P.13 of Das Book) with two additional Mission Special Rules: Night Fighting Rules (P.7 of Das Book) and Preliminary Bombardment (P.218 of Hardback Rulebook). The American player is automatically the defender.

I’ll play this on Tuesday and do a Battle Report.