Kallus had flawless eyesight. He was sure he was the first of his army to spot the mechanika abominations across the other side of the burning village. Even the eyeless beasts under his command had not perceived the rapid advance of the Cryxian helljacks yet. Kallus had not spotted what was commanding them, but there were few of the undead elite capable of effectively control so many ‘jacks. He counted at least four heavies and three light ‘jacks. He would need to show control his own beasts and troops as forcefully if he was to win the day.

The pace of the helljacks was stunning. The legend that is Deathjack slammed into a Nephilim Soldier he sent forward to intercept it. The beast was devoured body and soul, fueling Deathjack’s seemingly boundless rage. Kallus commanded the Warmongers and his Carnivean to shore up the right flank. A Harrower hurtled into a group of Legionnaires on his left and carved through four of them before he even had a chance to react. He focussed everything on the left flank to destroying it. As he did Deathjack plowed forward into the Ravagore. It smashed aside several Legionnaires along its path, Incubi instantly exploding from their flesh. The abomination struck home with unerring accuracy, but failed to fell the beast. Kallus again had to focus all of his energies on his left flank if it wasn’t going to falter. He commanded everything he had to attack Deathjack, bolstered his own power and charged into the fray. Deathjack seemed to phase between the real world and some other plane. Several of Kallus’ blows failed to meet his target. Things were not faring much better on the right. He was struggling to control the Carnivean and the Warmonger numbers had been depleted.


Deathjack was quick to retaliate, striking down the Ravagore, a Foresaken and a Shredder in a whirlwind of violence. Kallus redoubled his efforts as his army began to dwindle. He swung again and again at Deathjack and a Slayer which had arrived. Again he failed to connect with his targets. The combined blows of Deathjack and the Slayer wore him down, until his armour failed, he fell to the ground and the world went black.


This was a fun game, but I barely got into the fight. I overstretched on my right flank and my dice failed on the left flank. That said Peter played well and got several ‘jacks on top of my army early. Had I been able to connect with Deathjack and deal even semi-respectable damage I may have been in with a chance, but it wasn’t to be. That said, one of my Warmongers on the right flank managed to charge Mortenebra reducing her to just three boxes. The Deathstalker had just missed her too, so a flukey win could have been mine! Peter suggested I write this battle report as –

Today I hid behind a shed for ages until I got bored and decided to try hitting Deathjack. That didn’t go too well and a Slayer snuck up destroyed my shell. Could’ve been worse though, at least I didn’t get corroded to death like that Ogryn!

Until next time,