I love the painting element of this hobby and the idea of buying models that have already been painting generally doesn’t appeal to me. My FLGS (Gamers World) buys and sells second-hand models and recently there was some German WWII pieces. They were painted in DAK colours, but the paint job (certainly the uniforms) was pretty close to my own scheme, so I decided to pick them up. There were four 10.5cm guns and two 88s on scenic bases. I got them for €15 which was a very good deal.
IMG 1608
When I got home I touched up the paint on the models, by changing the helmet colour, washing the sandbags and changing the base colours. They are now ready to add some much needed artillery support to my German forces. A quick blast of matt spray and they’ll be perfect.
IMG 1609
10.5cm Guns

IMG 1610

Until next time,