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Myself and Phil got a 50pts 4 hour(!) game in on VASSAL last night. We played the scenario for the Hordes: Domination release event (PDF) (which Phil kindly did up a map for). If you flick through the images above, you’ll get a good sense of what happened. I managed to drop some damage at range on to Baldur and I kept Kallus well back until the endgame. Scenario points are scored for having Warbeasts/Warjacks or Warcaster/Warlock is on your opponents side of the board.

This was a very high attrition game with very little from either force surviving the game. Phil looked to be in a pretty solid position about half way through the game with his wall of Wolds advancing up the middle and making good use of the boulders. He narrowly failed to kill my Carnivean with Megalith (thanks to Spiny Growth) and that was probably the turning point in the game. The Carnivean had no problem dismantling the character Wold. Then things were a little more even. It went on to take out another Wold and the final one was carved up by the Ravagore (which was killed) and Kallus. I needed to make each of these kills to deny Phil scenario points. With the heavy damage from early game on him (and being on fire!) Baldur was up against it. The deathblow came from a Raptor’s arrow. Quite fitting as they served me very well this game, killing things at range and then acting as a speedbump. The unit leader was the only Raptor to survive, but he held his nerve and made the shot that counted.

It was a good game and a really fun scenario. If you get a chance download it and give it a go.

Until next time,