We have a new wargames shop here in Maynooth called Gamers Hub. It opened a couple of weeks ago and stocks Privateer Press (Warmachine and Hordes), Games Workshop (Warhammer, 40k, etc.), CCG (Magic The Gathering and all that nonsense!), board games and plenty of other things. Ethan, the store owner, can order in anything you need, so just let him know what you want.


The shop is located just off Main St. near Equestrian World (just on the left from this Street View). The shop also has its own Facebook page, so check it out. They have two 4’x8′ tables, so enough room for four Warmachine/Hordes games at a time. There is also a small painting area for those looking to get some miniatures ready for the tabletop.

They are running a Warmachine/Hordes slow grow league at the moment, so now is a great time to share a 2-player battlebox with a friend and start playing!