This is more of a battle overview than a full report. Peter and I played out a massive 2400pts game with my Panzer Lehr taking on his 3rd Infantry Division in the Hasty Assault scenario. I was the attacker as I had a mechanised company. Both of us had to keep at least half of our platoons in reserve. This was a key element of the game. My reserves took ages to arrive, but despite having Delayed Reserves this had a big impact on the game, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

IMG 3721Peter dug his infantry in around the objectives (on the right flank) and placed his artillery (Priests and 105s) on the opposite side. I decided I was going to focus on that right flank and moved to bring a large Gepanzerte Panzergrenadier Lehr platoon, accompanied by my HQ, down it with five Panzer IV Hs in support. My plan was scuppered when Peter’s aircraft and artillery combined to decimate that platoon on turn two. He hit them with everything he had and the platoon promptly failed its morale check (twice!) and fled.

I decided to keep pushing my Panzers forward and succeeded in pushing two platoons back from the objectives, but Peter’s M10 tank hunters arrived from reserve and, coupled with some more effective artillery, pummeled my most valuable unit! Things were not looking good! Peter’s reserves began to arrive in force and mine eventually arrived, but I had lost momentum. IMG 3722
IMG 3728My Nebelwerfers were largely ineffective, but I did manage to destroy a Sherman platoon with some of my grenadiers. Their Panzerknackers proved very effective in an assault, destroying five of the American tanks. Unfortunately, that was the highlight of the German’s performance. A fierce exchange of fire on the right flank saw tank hunters from both sides left flaming. Eventually my force was reduced to half strength, forcing company morale checks. I passed my first check, but decided concede defeat. Peter held the objectives very securely and attempting to wrest them from his control would have resulted in my whole force being destroyed.
IMG 3726
My attack was indeed hasty!


Ps Peter won!