The year of the campaign continues. Peter and I have been playing a bit of Flames of War recently, so we decided to give the Infantry Aces campaign (from Cassino) a try. In the past I’ve fielded elite armies, so for this campaign I decided to field some ordinary Grenadiers from the Hoch und Deutschmeister Reichsgrenadierkompanie. These are pretty ordinary Confident Trained foot sloggers, but the thing that tweaked my interest were the fortification options they have.

The campaign starts with some 500pt games, with only troopers allowed in the armies. In the first two games Peter and I shared the honours. Peter’s Ranger Rifle Company overran my position in the first game as my reserves were very slow to arrive. I managed to get a single Infantry Aces point for taking part in the game! Peter picked up four for taking part, winning the game, having his Infantry Ace survive and destroying an enemy platoon.

In game two fortunes were reversed when one of Peter’s platoons Truscott Trotted into the face of an ambushing Rifle/MG platoon. They were decimated by the incoming fire. From there he had little chance to recover and the game went my way. We gain a skill having achieved 5 Infantry Aces points each. I think I’ll go the leadership route.

I’ve started constructing my fortifications. Here the list I’m planning to use next (built using the excellent Easy Army) –
Infantry Aces (700pts)
I’ll post about the fortifications soon.