Last month’s (April 2011) “Paint the Target” challenge on Lost Hemisphere was to paint a “Ranged Model”. It gave me an excuse to assemble and paint my Ravagore. I painted it at the same time as the Raek. Here it is –

Ravagore (Left)

Assembling it took time, but wasn’t too bad. It is comprised of 18 pieces and requires a bit of putty work. I left the blast off when painting. I used some slate on the base and took a good bit of time placing pieces of stone and repositioning legs. I’m really happy with the final pose.

For painting I used a white undercoat and then some light glazes to achieve the final result. For the purple flesh I used Hormagaunt Purple, Water and Glaze Medium (3:2:2). This was then washed with a very watery Leviathan Purple. On the carapace areas I based with Graveyard Earth, Water and Glaze Medium (3:3:2) and it was washed with Devlan Mud, Badab Black and water (2:2:1). The teeth are a watered down Bleached Bone, highlighted with Bleached Bone and Skull White (1:1) and washed with a watered down Devlan Mud. The mouth is Gore Red, watered slightly and washed with Badab Black and Ball Red. The blue flame is watered down Ice Blue and is then washed with Asurmen Blue.

And that’s about it…