This is a quick overview of a game Phil and I played (on VASSAL) using the Apprentice Warcasters that I mentioned previously. The idea behind these guys is that we wanted a commander for small forces where it didn’t make sense for a full blown Warcaster to be in control. Khador have some options in their ‘jack marshals, but the Protectorate don’t really. In this game there was one win condition – seize the objective on the road in the Khadoran Outpost. Note, ‘caster kill is not a win condition.

My force consisted of a Kovnik Warcaster, a Juggernaut, 6 Winterguard, 4 Widowmakers and a Marksman. They were deployed around the outpost. Phil’s force was led by a Chosen of Menoth and was made up of a Devout, 6 Deliverers, 6 Exemplar Errants and an Exemplar Errant Seneschal. His army was approaching from the south.

Not an in depth battle report, but a quick overview to mention how the Apprentice Warcasters performed. This is just one game, so it’s hardly what you might consider playtesting!

02 BThe Widowmakers pinged some Deliverers on the left, but a couple of lucky deviations from them caused two snipers to fall and the unit to fall back towards the outpost. On the right the Exemplars and Winterguard exchanged fire to little effect. The Winterguard survived quite well thanks to Iron Flesh. The Juggernaut moved up the centre while the Chosen and Devout moved to the left of the Errants.

03 APhil made a mistake placing his Chosen behind his ‘jack. A slam from the Juggernaut placed both of them on their asses, a follow-up shot from the Marksman finished the Chosen. The Widowmakers and Errants exchanged fire while it was my turn to make a mistake. Recognising that the Kovnik Warcaster’s control range is terribly short I decided to move him closer to the Juggernaut. I should have kept him back and let the Juggernaut move (slowly) back to him. Instead he became a pin cushion for the Errants. He could have done with Iron Flesh!

The game came down to whose infantry could get the job done. In the end my guys came out on top.

So, not really enough to say how the Apprentice Warcasters performed. They are super squishy, but can get a ‘jack to where it needs to be and do what it needs to do. They can buff a unit, but with so little focus to go around they are always struggling to do all you’d want them to. I’m not sure how they’d perform alongside a real Warcaster. The could stay backfield after putting the buffing spell in play. They could also feed focus to a ranged ‘jack which would keep them relatively safe.

For now we’ll just use them as commanders of small forces for campaigns. In the meantime m remaining infantry are speeding back to the garrison to warn them that the Menites are on their way.