The idea behind this is pretty simple. Campaigns usually fail because they involve too many players and take too long to play. I wanted a campaign that wasn’t going to fall into those traps. Enter the idea of a narrative campaign. It’s simply a story arc to house several smaller campaigns.

The Orgoth Legacy is such a narrative campaign. At the moment it is the story that houses Scourge Bringer (bespoke campaign), Frozen North (ANNIHILATION derivative), a campaign between the Legion and Skorne (standard ANNIHILATION), a campaign between Khador and Menoth (VASSAL-based ANNIHILATION), and a campaign between Trolls and Cryx (standard ANNIHILATION). All of these factions are being drawn into a fight over this powerful weapon.

As each campaign is only 3-4 games they are fairly easy to run and the results are fed into the overall story. Will the Cryx be able to sieze a weapon piece from Legion? Will the Menites be able to make their way north through Khador? What is the Skorne’s interest in this weapon? Will the kriels of southern Khador be overrun by the advancing Cryx?

All simple story tangents that feed into the overall arc.