This is the fiction to introduce a four-player campaign that puts the Legion of Everblight and Cryx in direct conflict. It is a continutation of the Scourge Bringer campaign.

This was the third and final piece. Vayl had successfully embedded the other two into creatures spawned in her master’s draconic image. There were several failed attempts before the first creature was created. The Scourge Bringer pieces decayed the body and minds of draconic spawn and developing a suitable vessel had required all of her sorcerous abilities. Each newly spawned creature would bubble and dissolve before her eyes until only the weapon piece was left in a pool of ichor.

Three months had passed since the first success. The haft of Scourge Bringer was installed into a new creation and then buried in the heart of a glacier. Everblight knew the danger this weapon represented to himself and other dragon kind. He was tempted to wield it against Toruk, but he needed time. Time to understand this weapon, time to tame it. The first step was to contain its contagian. He had a great patience that no mortal, not even his most powerful servants, could understand. He would wait. The weapon’s time would come.

Vayl’s final creature was a masterpiece. Everblight had maintained an almost continuous link with her while she carried out this most important work. His influence was apparent not only in this creature’s appearance, but also in demeanor. It had a cunning and will not usually present in the spawned creations. It was almost a shame that its fate was to be buried in a glacier like its siblings. The creature was all muscle, sinew and fangs, with a malice that Everblight suspected was a symptom of the weapon fragment at its core.