I love campaigns – they mix things up from the standard game format and can be loads of fun. Scourge Bringer lived up to that with all of the games played proving to be great fun. As a quick recap – each game was fought over a piece of the Scourge Bringer, an awesomely powerful Orgoth-created weapon with the power to destroy a dragon. The pieces of the weapon had a pull on warcasters/warlocks and also effected anyone who carried a piece.

Game 1: Smash and Grab

Clay and Dan picked me up from my Condo and we headed to Phoenix Games (in West Orlando) for the first game of the campaign. After a quick recap of the rules we setup and got stuck in. Dan’s three piece circle force (Kromac, Feral Warpwolf and Warpwolf Stalker) got the first turn and he craftily used a push and his speed to get the Feral Warpwolf right up to the Scourge Bringer marker. Gabbing the marker and taking it to the Southern edge of the table was one of the possible victory conditions. I slammed the Warpwolf back a few inches with my Teraph and moved my force up (pThagrosh, Carnivean, Teraph, Shredder, Shepherd, Feralgeist) apart from the Shredder who moved towards Clay to discourage his Manhunter who Advance Deployed towards my force. Clay moved up slowly (his Kahdoran force couldn’t do much else!) and the Manhunter ran to engage the Shredder.

Th next round was quite cagey, with the Feral picking up the marker soon to be beset by the Teraph and Juggernaut. It was killed by the Juggernaut, only to have my Feralgeist take possession of it. This was the only time I got my hands on the marker in this first game! Everyone else moved in a bit more towards the centre of the table. I positioned the Carnivean to charge anything that strayed close on my next turn and had the rabid Shredder dispatch the Manhunter.

Dan showed another piece of cunning by having his Stalker dispatch the possessed Feral Warpwolf. When a player kills a model that holds the marker he can choose where to place it in B2B with the slain model before it is removed. Dan placed it so Kromac could walk up and seize it. He then leapt out of harms way. This game was starting to live up to its name – Smash and Grab. The race was now on to the Southern Edge!

This led to a frenetic scramble on my part to try and catch Kromac. The only model that could do it was the Carnivean. I used the Teraph as a speed bump agains the Stalker and moved every part of my army as quickly as it could towards the Circle warlock. Poor Clay was out of the running at this stage as his Khadoran ‘jacks were just too slow to keep apace with the pursuit. My Carnivean caught Kromac within inches of the Southern Edge and started pounding him. Kromac was loaded with Fury, but had ended up just too far from his Stalker for transfers. Unfortunately my dice let me down and I managed to leave Kromac with about 5 wounds. On his turn he leapt into B2B with the edge of the table. Win for Dan!

Game 2: King of the Hill

We headed across town (after a slight detour for lunch to Hamburger Mary’s) to the Amorous Armadillo in East Orlando for the second game. I only took one picture here as I forgot about the camera (duh!). It was another closely contested game, but there was a problem with the scenario (or how we played it) that made it too easy to win on scenario points. Dan and I got into it quickly with Dan making a charge at the Carnivean with Kromac. He just filed to kill it and left himself exposed to a countercharge from Thagrosh. The Legion warlock took him down and that left the game to just me and Clay.

This is where the scenario problem arose. As we were counting scenario points (for a warlock/warcaster being on the hill) at the end of each players turn, I was racking them up faster than Clay could catch up. I prevented Clay from getting onto the hill by using Thagrosh’s feat to respawn the Carnivean (who was killed by his ‘jacks) right in the Butcher’s way. It didn’t matter as the badly thought out scenario gave me the win either way. I’d feel bad except it really all came down to the last game, which was epic!

Game 3: Earth Quake

This game was intense and closely fought. Again Dan (pictured above) and I got into it early, with him coming away in awe of the Carnivean as it almost on shotted the Stalker. I was less concerned about Circle in this game. Clay’s Khadorans were coming in much faster than in the earlier games. Thagrosh held the two pieces from the previous games, so I knew he would be target #1!

Circle’s speed allowed Kromac to sneak in to snag the final piece of Scourge Bringer. That meant I either had to get it back from him or be the last ‘caster standing. Neither possibility was particularly inviting. This game devolved into a straight up brawl with the Butcher resisting the temptation to go after Kromac. My force was decimated as was Dan’s.

I was left with the Feralgeist and Thagrosh going into the final turns. Kromac was badly injured, but the Butcher’s force was more-or-less intact. While finishing off my beasts Clay left a charge lane open for Thagrosh, but I would need amazing dice to take down the Iron Fleshed ‘caster. I needed 12 to hit his DEF 19, so boosting the attack rolls was a necessity. I struck home with the charge attack, missed with the next one and managed to land one more, taking down the Butcher! My dice had been middling to poor all day, but they came alive when I needed them. I had to survive a couple of attacks from Kromac on his turn, but he was down to one wound after cutting himself for a single Fury. I survived and took him out on my turn.

Thagrosh was wounded and his force decimated, but he walked away with the Scourge Bringer…
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I owe Clay and Dan a big Thank You for being such great hosts and competitive opponents. I had a blast.