So tonight was my second game with timed turns and it went much better. Both Joe and I were more relaxed. I ran the same army as last time so a little familiarity really helped. We played a 35pt game with The Gauntlet scenario.

We both moved up cautiously. Joe got the hop on me with a Raek/Scythean assassination attempt. I left a lane open and the Raek leapt in to Headbutt Strakhov. Thankfully he missed and so too did the Scythean. Joe’s dice deserted him. My next turn was damage limitation – I managed to take out the Scythean. Thankfully the Raek was out of range to leech and it made it’s Threshold check. With all of the action the scenario was being ignored. My sole remaining Widowmaker moved up to take a control point.

We began trading beasts and ‘jacks and Joe moved the Feralgeist back to prevent me scoring another control point. On my turn Strakhov moved up to cast Rift at the spectre, thus sealing the win.

Timed turns weren’t a factor and neither of us used our time extension. I’ll keep practicing, but that was a much more positive experience.