As part of the upcoming campaign (story part 1, part 2 and part 3) the players will fight to control an ancient Orgoth artefact called the Scourge Bringer. This weapon was so destructive that the Orgoth attempted to destroy it rather than wield it in combat. It has the power to fell a dragon, but the destruction wrought to the lands for miles around is horrific. Since its destruction the weapon, through some mystical malevolence has been slowly piecing its scattered elements together. It now lies in just three pieces –

IMG 8969

These models, on 40mm wooden discs, will constitute the markers that the players are attempting to seize over the three game campaign. The weapon parts come from three different sources – the axe head is from a Confrontation Wolfen miniature, the haft is from a plastic GW Skeleton spear and the mace is from an old metal GW Skeleton weapon arm. The process for preparing them was simple. I sanded the wooden discs using my standard basing technique. I then glued the primed weapons to the discs. They were painted with some basic metallics and a wash – Boltgun Metal, Mithril Silver, Brass Balls, Brazen Brass and that was finished with a Badab Black wash.

I look forward to fighting for them in November.