Mercenaries LogoLenny and I got a Steamroller practice game in on Tuesday and I’m slowing getting the hang of the Privateers. That said, I spread the army too far and fell into Lenny’s (well laid) trap, i.e. lots of ranged attacks zeroed in on the scenario (Incursion) objectives! He had good concealment and cover for most of his army, so I had little option, but to try and get on top of them fast.
Privateers vs Cygnar
Photograph Note: The Cryx models are serving as scenario flags!

It was, however, a close game in the end with Lenny having to risk eHaley in order to avoid a loss by scenario. My army was in tatters at that stage and Shae was engaged by a Centurion and Lancer. They had trouble hitting him, but they eventually did the job. I managed to drop the Cygnaran ‘caster to only four boxes, but in the end Cygnar won the day.

It was a good game and it felt quite tight (even if most of my army was decimated at range).