Contrary to the title of this post it is not about the details of painting the Legion of Everblight. Rather it is about the importance of keeping painting notes. Below are my notes for painting the Legion –

Nyss Basecoat (Undercoat Black)
a) Codex Grey / Chaos Black 5:1
b) Codex Grey / Kommando Khaki 1:1
c) Kommando Khaki
d) Blue Ink / Black Ink / Glaze Medium / Water 5:1:1:2

Nyss (Blue Armour)
Blue Ink / Glaze Medium / Water 1:1:1
Highlight – Space Wolves Grey / Blue Ink 5:1

Nyss (Flesh)
Space Wolves Grey / Glaze Medium 1:1
Blue Ink / Glaze medium 1:5

Nyss Striders (Cloak)
Greatcoat Grey / Ultramarine Blue / Glaze Medium / Water 2:1:1:1

Beast (Horns and Scales)
Base – Graveyard Earth/ Water 1:1
Wash – Black Ink / Glaze Medium / Water 1:1:1

Beast (Flesh)
Purple Wash (Homagaunt Purple / Glaze Medium 1:10)
Space Wolves Grey DB

Beast (Flyer Flesh)
Space Wolves Grey / Water / Skull White 2:3:1

Beast (Cloth)
Ultramarines / Shadow Grey / Black Ink 1:1:1
Wash – Black Ink / Glaze Medium / Water 1:1:1

Beast (Gums)
Red Gore base
Dark Red Ink

Undercoat White
Black out armour, trousers etc.
Nyss Part

    a) and b) as above
    Watered down Asurmen Blue on Nyss Flesh
    Gryphonne Sepia on white based hair
    Asurmen Blue on Armour
    Devlan Mud on Trousers
    Watered down Graveyard earth on Straps
    Boltgun Metal on Buckles etc.
    Fortress Grey on Eyes

Beast Part

    Purple Wash as on the beasts
    Space Wolves DB
    Baal Red wash on bloody areas
    Watered down Graveyard on horns
    Watered down black ink on horns

You’ll notice that I don’t list every type of miniature I’ve painted. Instead I try to capture the main colours and blends used and the areas of a miniature they were applied to. This cheat sheet is important when you progressively add to a faction as is usually the case in Hordes and Warmachine. I don’t strive for every unit to look exactly the same, but I do attempt to have consistency between miniatures in an army. I incrementally add to the list as I paint something that has a different style.

I use Evernote to capture my painting notes as I usually paint in front of my computer, but a pencil and piece of paper (provided you don’t lose the paper!) will do the same job. Anyway – take notes, your army will thank you!