I was going to say that making a set of wargames rules available for download wasn’t exactly unprecedented as GW have done this with their Specialist Games range. However, that’s not quite correct, GW punted the games they no longer wanted to fully support onto the web as free downloads and left it to the community to support them. The Privateer Press move is unprecedented, having released what is essentially the pre-print version of their MkII rules for Warmachine. This demonstrates a great faith in the fanbase, but it’s not surprising that they have that faith in them. Warmachine fans are passionate and PP have rewarded that passion with the field test and now this pre-release. If anything this will boost the sales of the physical book.

I’m still downloading them (rules and cards) as the Privateer Press server is being blitzed at the moment. My plan to be fully painted by MkII is in tatters now with this release four months early! Oh well, life is tough. I’ll just have to console myself with reading the MkII rules.