I picked up my copy of the new edition of Space Hulk on Friday. I have the original game and both expansions, but as soon as its release date was confirmed I put in my pre-order with my FLGS. It is an excellent game with an amazing sense of tension. I played a demo game on Friday of the first ‘Suicide Mission’, which is lifted directly from the original. I somehow managed to complete the mission and have all five terminators alive at the end!

Anyway, I started painting the Blood Angel Space Marine Terminators last night. I’ll post a painting guide when I’m finished, but here is the work done so far.
Blood Angel Terminators
I have the metallics and the bases left to do, which will take a while as there is a lot of metal to do. Painting these miniatures has reminded me why I never got into Warhammer 40k (despite playing Epic, Inquisitor and BFG!). All the extraneous Gothic detailing on the armour pisses me off! Don’t get me wrong, these are the best plastics I have ever seen, but there is too much fiddly detail to paint. That’s got more to do with the 40k fluff than the sculpting. The terminators are walking shrines, relics of everything their chapter has achieved. I get it, but I don’t like the Gothic aesthetic and its associated clutter.

I will persevere. Space Hulk is such a great game that it deserves to be fully painted and with these six finished (soon) I’ll have half of the marines painted.