It’s been a little while since I made any terrain and a small shoe box (from a pair of my Daughter’s shoes) inspired me to make this jailhouse. The box forms the basic structure and bit of packaging foam was used for the peaked roof. Lollipop sticks form the majority of the outside with some prefabricated brickwork (from Faller’s Decorflex range) forming the back wall. Balsa wood was used for the door and flat roof area. The metal roof is just some card stuck over the foam with some card strips stuck down to that. The rivets are a piece of rolled greenstuff cut into ~1mm height pieces. The facia on the peaked part is made from ready mixed filler. Finally the metal bars are just the shafts of cotton buds (Q-tips) cut to size.
I painted the wood Khemri Brown, drybrushed with 1:1 Skull White/Khemri Brown and finally washed it with watered down Badab Black. The brick work was initially drybrushed grey over the black undercoat, but I didn’t liked it and ended up painting a mix of Bestial Brown and Mechrite Red over that. The metal areas are simple Boltgun Metal, sponged with 1:1 Bestial Brown and Khador Red Highlight (an orange colour) and then washed with Badab Black.
This didn’t take too long to build and I think it looks great.


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