This was Phil’s and my second game inspired the Angels of Death Warhammer+ show. In our last game we replayed a sequence from Episode 2: The Silent City and this game was very much a continuation of that. We used the Narrative Play mission: Secure Archeotech (P.132). This was a fun mission that involved disengaging objectives (1VP) and then picking them up (whoever controls them at the end of the game scores 2VP).

I think we had a much better handle on the rules this time, but still needed to spend too much time discussing targeting and terrain. This Goonhammer article helps. There’s something unintuitive about how the rules are written. Vassal probably makes things a little harder here as it only gives the 2D topdown view.

As for the game itself, it played as you’d expect: the cultists snuck about and tried to get close enough to charge the Blood Angels; the Blood Angles used their extra AP to pounce on the objectives quickly. If you look at the objectives (the skulls) in the screenshots, you can see that they mostly moved back towards the Blood Angels deployment, but you can also see that my cultists swarmed through the board (the blood splotches help to see where they were!). In the end it was a very balanced game, with the game resulting in a draw. The Space Marines disengaged more objectives, but the cultists ended up controlling more at the end.

All told, KT2021 is a very satisfying and quick to play game. I foresee more of it in our future!

Until next time,