Last week John and I had a chance to play through another couple of 25PL games as part of our Crusade Campaign. Here’s a little background and some pictures from those games.

Game 2

Atra-Xeros, a Royal Warden of the Ahura Mazhda, looked on as The Shining Son entered the tomb through the eternity gate. The fluctuations of energy reflecting from his golden carapace illuminated the central chamber. The Silent Ranks of warriors lined the walls, fists held aloft in tribute to the triumphant return of the new favourite of the court. Atra-Xeros’ own hand was held aloft masking his disgust at the honour of drawing first blood against the surface dwellers being given to other than he.

The day passed slowly with tedious oath swearing and ceremony. Just after Atra-Xeros had managed to remove himself to his chambers, the Plasmancer Ja’khar entered. The uncounted eons since the sacrament of Biotransference had done nothing to change the sibilant whispers of Ja’Khar voice.

“The Shine Son gains favour in the eyes of the court my Lord Warden, as his star shines surely yours will begin to dim”.

“It is temporary Ja’Khar”, replied Atra-Xeros, “the Destroyer Cult have ever been concerned with fleeting victory and glory. So he defeated a degenerate rabble? My time draws near. My Immortals awaken, have your canoptek minions begun to stir?”

“They have” said Ja’Khar, “I will cede those of our minions to your service…for now my Lord Warden, let us hope they help your own to star to shine as brightly or the eyes of the Canoptek will fall elsewhere”.

Ara-Xeros gave no answer and after a time the Strange creature bowed its head and floated away into the warren of passageways of the Tomb.
He would need a swift and decisive victory to match that of the Shining Son, He and no other would greet the Triarch’s fleet, he and no other would present the Emmissary of the Silent King with a gateway to a galaxy filled with living souls to harvest.

This game was played using the Assassinate mission. I was trying to take out the Royal Warden.

  • My Genestealers and Acolytes got Turn 1 charges off. I used the Genetic Linage stratagem on the Acolytes to allow them to charge.
  • The Acolytes killed off a unit of Scarabs, but the Genestealers split their attacks between Warriors and Immortals. This was a mistake as I didn’t kill off either unit.
  • The Genestealers were wiped out by Necron shooting, following a couple of strategic fall backs.
  • The Acolytes managed a charge on the Royal Warden, but they only caused a single wound. This was the high water mark for them. The cultists started to crumble from here.
  • Deathmarks made their, eh, mark and the Immortals were very impressive too.
  • The only unit to survive was the Searing Touch (the Cult Chimera), which performed quite well.

Another win for the Necrons, with the Royal Warden surviving.

Game 3

Dur’fla’ta was incensed. His rage seeped from him in pulsating waves of psychic energies. The Burnt, normally quite insensitive to his powers were wailing, feeding off his mood.

The metal warriors had repulsed his cultists twice now. They were desecrating the lands he was preparing for the arrival of the Celestials. Their metallic bodies were anathema to everything the Brotherhood represented, their souls locked in unnatural caskets, their bodies no more.

Dur’fla’ta determined they he would make the shambling machines pay. He let the rage slowly abate, the calming of his mind also brought ease to The Burnt, their voices quietening. With a thought he summoned Gryt. Her Jackals would recon the extent of the spreading menace, giving him the intel needed to formulate a more considered response.

This game was played using the Sweep and Clear mission.

  • The Necrons were more aggressive in this game and this led to a messy melee on the right flank. The Necrons just about won out, but it was a hard fought flank.
  • All parts of the Brotherhood worked quite well and being an objectives-based game I was in with a shot of winning this game.
  • It swung towards the Necrons at the end. They are much tougher to destroy than the cultists, so they tend to outlast them.


After three games, here’s how my overall Crusade force is looking:

The Magus can now cast an additional spell per Psychic phase and the Genestealers can re-roll 1s to hit. Some nice advancements there. I’ve increased the Supply Limit and added some units. The increase was needed to accommodate the higher Power Rating of several models following their recent readjustment.

Until next time,