Colin and I played another 500pts game last night and it was a much tighter game than last week’s. Colin’s list had more bodies and more guns in it and they certainly put the hurt on the Deathwatch. I went with the same army as it’s what I have painted. The mission this week was the fourth (from here) with one objective in the centre that was worth 3 VPs at the end of each round. Here’s how the deployment looked. Colin’s T’au had the first turn.

Above is how things stood after just two turns! Colin hadn’t scored any VPs yet and I’d netted 7 so far, but I was down to 4 models!

Lots more death and destruction. The game had a random length and went on to Turn 6. This wasn’t quite enough for the T’au and the game ended 11:7 to the Deathwatch… who had been wiped out before the end!

I’m going to play Genestealer Cults next week. I think the Deathwatch have achieved their mission of thwarting whatever the T’au were trying to achieve (which was to extract an Eldar artefact from the planet before they abandoned it).

Until next time,