Continuing the saga of Benus Majoris, John and I fought a 1500pts game on Saturday night. We decided to again use the Open War deck to decide the game type. The deployment was very standard, but we knew the objective could lead to a need to rapidly redeploy our armies to move towards the randomly chosen objective (Roll a D6 for each objective controlled at the end of a players turn, on a 6 it’s the objective we’re fighting over!). The twist was also pretty cool (if only I had remembered it!).

John’s list was pretty much the same as the last time we played, but with the addition of one big guy – Mortarion! This was possible as we only play 1000pts last time. In the photo below you can see the objectives laid out and at the end of John’s Turn 2, Objective 2 (bottom-left in the photo) turned out to be what we were fighting over!

I focussed on taking down Mortarion and he died to my Turn 2 shooting, but he had taken out the Redemptor, Intercessors, Primaris Librarian (who I placed poorly) and the Baal Predator. So, he killed about the same as his points value, but he also absorbed an awful lot of shooting!

I was able to deep strike my Terminators and three Inceptors behind Objective 2 and there was a real scrap in that corner. The Myphitic Blight Haulers proved decisive – both in Melee (in part thanks to the Open War Twist) and with their Shooting. Had I managed to kill the last two Poxwalkers, I may have achieved a draw as vehicles can’t control objectives, but as it was I narrowly failed…

It was a great game and while my army was severely mauled, certainly relative to John’s, I felt like I had a shot and that helped to make it fun.

Now… I just need to think about what this means for the fate of Benus Majoris!

Until next time,